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We write book reviews every now and then. We like most of the books that find there way to us, so writing positive reviews is fairly straight forward. Just because we don't write a review doesn't mean the book is bad. Maybe we just haven't seen it yet. And we're not here to bash anyone else's efforts at producing a book.

Our tastes have been evolving since we posted our first book reviews at and the Automotive Calendar of Events. Along with automotive and racing titles, we've somehow found our way to books on World War II, cycling, photography, and even ukuleles.

We recently obtained a box full of old aviation books and have managed to work them into our reading schedule. Those old ones won't find their way onto this list, but we have discovered a passion for the older writing style. Perhaps you will as well.

So we'll just lay these out as they come in. The book cover image will take you to our review. From there, you will find a link to the most direct source (not on this site) for purchasing the book, if you so desire.

Video has recently gained our attention. So we've decided to make video book reviews. Not reviews of video books. Videos OF book reviews. This becomes me sitting down and talking to you about the book in question. These are non scripted, run under three minutes, and offer a fresh way of learning about automotive books from someone who has actually read the thing.

video review: Art of the Corvette

ORDER Art of theCorvette

video review: As a matter of fact I am Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier

ORDER As a matter of fact I am Parnelli Jones

video review: The Ghosts of Jungle Park by Tom Williams

ORDER The Ghosts of Jungle Park

Indy500 by art Garner & Marc Spiegel

Order INDY500

Rush - Movie Review

1912 Milwaukee Races by Joel E. Finn

Video Review added!

ORDER 1912 Milwaukee Races

Frank Lockhart, by Sarah Morgan-Wu & James O’Keefe

The American Motorcycle, by Stephen Wright

Video Review added!

ORDER American Motorcycle

Circle of Impact, by Lynn McCoy

Death Valley Photographer's Guide, by Dan Suzio

Ukulele Heroes, by Ian Whitcomb

Customizing Your Ride, by Tom Benford & Andy Goodman

Edelbrock, by Tom Madigan

Garage Girl's Guide, by Courtney Hansen

A Savage Factory, by Robert J. Dewar

Survive the Drive!, by David Rizzo

This list will be updated as we get more books off the table and on the shelf. Be sure to look back from time to time and see what's up. Or Contact Us for alerts when we add something new.

We are thankful that a lot of people look at this site every day. No one who comes here is dispassionate about auto racing history or the other topics that are now appearing. So if you have a book or video that you think would fit in here, use that Contact link.

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