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When we do car reviews at HOPublishing, we do not have access to any fancy devices, we do not have track time, nor do we get a team of photographers to help us along. Mostly what we do is bring the car home, treat it like it’s ours, then give it back.

By ‘treat it like it’s ours’ we do just that. Haul the kids to school, do our errands, make a Costco run. The regular guy looking to purchase a new car will be living with the car in this very manner, so it makes sense for us to give a report based on that approach.

Why typical car reviewers insist upon reporting the zero-to-sixty times of a mini van is beyond us. Yes, the van needs to get up when move when it’s time to do so, but arguing for or against a particular vehicle for issues unrelated to their real life mission strikes us as dumb.

2017 Cadillac XT5 Platinum

We much prefer seeing if we can operate the controls inside the car without referring to the manual. Do the seats fold up with one switch or two? Is the navigation/stereo system easy and logical to operate?

Looks count of course, but you’ll be spending your time inside the car. Does it fit your body? My wife is a foot shorter than I am and half my weight. It makes a huge difference when selecting a car. Who will drive it most? Will it be highway or streets? Do you need to move just yourself or do you need room for the soccer team?

2017 Buick LaCrosse

When it comes to pickups, the considerations still apply. Is this a commuter vehicle or a work truck? Will you be hauling 2x4s and sheets of plywood or do you need to pull the boat trailer?

Today’s car buyer is in a terrific position when it comes to available options and overall quality to be found. Across the board, new cars of today have superior fit and finish than cars of just ten years ago. The electronic technology, drivetrains, and suspension systems are well beyond what previously existed. Car reviews have evolved along with the technology and that's why we've incorporated video with ours.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

Car companies themselves have undergone some changes over the years. HOPublishing has grown partial to Ford, Hyundai, and Audi. Ford and Hyundai because of their complete corporate redo. Whatever preconceived notions you held for either brand, if you haven’t driven one lately, you are missing out. We did, and happily adjusted our way of thinking. Audi is strong with us because their finely engineered vehicles. We lacked experience with them until recently but have come around and now think we grasp why so many people speak so highly of the brand. And if you haven't driven a Cadillac in recent times, you are truly missing out.

Personal taste aside, new cars of today are miles ahead of anything that came before and even though our daily drivers are a 1951 Chevy pickup and 1966 Ford Galaxie, we are big time fans of newer cars.

That said, our car reviews are written to inform rather than entertain. We include a standard list of features/specs and follow a fairly regular format when writing the review. If we like it, we say so without making you work too hard. If we don’t like it, you’ll know why. And you won’t have to interpret any lab results.

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